We do not believe in price cutting our    competition. For those families wanting to use our personal services, we will gladly honor and match a written price comparison quote from the following quality funeral homes. Fred Hunter, Boyd-Panciera,Eric George, Landmark, Forest Lawn, Vista, Levitt-Weinstein, Riverside Gordon,Caballero Rivero Woodlawn, and T.M. Ralph Funeral Homes.

Although we know that one should not select a funeral home  based on cost alone, we strive to keep our prices affordable, honest and competitive at the highest quality.   To discuss your particular needs,  please call 24/7 with no obligation and speak directly with the owner, Joseph A. Scarano.  It's not business, it's personal.  We can always arrange a dignified service within the means of all. 

How much does a funeral cost?  

The cost of the funeral varies depending on the wishes you have and the location of the funeral.  The national average cost of a funeral ranges in price from $6,000-$12,000; excluding cemetery costs.  Cemetery costs vary by location. However, prices vary from state to state.  The cost includes all professional services including transportation, embalming and other preparations, the use of a facility for the ceremony, and the purchase of a casket or urn.   

Why are funerals so expensive?

Funerals are labor intensive and require a lot of work from a lot of people.  The cost of a funeral goes beyond merchandise such as caskets, it includes the services of a funeral director in making the necessary arrangements, filling out forms, and dealing with all the other people involved in the death (doctors, lawyers, insurance companies).  Funeral directors and staff work an average of 49 hours per funeral.  The over-head cost of operating a funeral home is factored into the cost as well.  Funeral homes are a 24 hour operation, with extensive facilities that need to be maintained and secured.  

One should not select a funeral home based on price alone, because...

"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Low Price is Forgotten"