Welcome to Joseph A. Scarano Funeral Homes

                                                        "When you walk through the doors of our Funeral Homes, you become part of our family."

            International Funeral and Cremation Services. Se habla español.  

          Serving Families of All Faiths and All Cultures in South Florida with over 50 years experience. 


                          Affordable Quality Personal Service by the original family owner Joseph A. Scarano


                 The little things makes the biggest difference   

                                                             Three Large Elegant Chapels /Ample Parking 

                                                                             Warm homelike atmosphere 

                                                                 Excellent Presentation of your Loved one                                              

                                                                      Professional and Compassionate staff    

                                                                           PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE                                                                       

Joseph A. Scarano/Owner is always available 24/7. Personal Cell 954-249-6405

 Join our Pre-Plan.  Make it easier for those you love.  For a simple $100 deposit you can guarantee today's prices forever.  No monthly payments required.  No finance or interest charges. The balance can be paid after death occurs.  Let your intentions be known to avoid stress and confusion at a most difficult time.  No salesman will  ever  solicit you  from  SCARANO.                    


                                                                     Sensitive to your needs.                                          

                                              At Need Arrangements or Pre - Planning Arrangements

   Burial/Entombment/Serving all Cemeteries. Traditional Funeral Service.


 Cremation with Visitation and Funeral Service at Funeral Home Chapel or Church.


Cremation with Memorial Service " Celebration of Life" (without decedent present)

Direct Cremation, no service, no ceremony.

Shipping Service  International or Domestic .

                                                                 Funeral Directors On Call 24 Hours 

                                                          Telephone Price Inquiries are Gladly Given.

                                                        All Arrangements Made By Appointment Only.

                                                       Please Bring Along A Witness And I.D. With You.

Dear Family,

 The choice is yours. You can choose a personal Mom & Pop family owned funeral home or a corporate funeral home business to care for your loved one.

Our proud Italian heritage has taught us compassion, warmth, hospitality, and most importantly, the importance of family.

At Joseph A. Scarano Funeral Homes our #1 priority is to guide and support you through every step of your arrangements and help you pay tribute to the memory of your loved one. We think it is important for you to understand that Scarano Funeral Home is not just any Funeral Home - we are one with over 40 years of experience. What sets us apart from other Funeral Firms? It's the human factor. The difference  is in the caring. It's not business, it's personal. We take great pride in treating each person as part of our own family and are always striving to exceed your expectation. For your comfort and privacy we do not double book visitation and funerals. Our large chapels are reserved exclusively for your family and friends. Consider our home as your home at Scarano. 

We believe that the most valuable asset we own cannot be seen or touched. It's the good will of people we have served and clients who have recommended us.

" A Reputation Earned... Not Inherited." We hope you choose our family to serve your family.

Thank you,

Joseph A. Scarano /Owner Funeral Director