The Scarano Experience

We are confident that our staff  will comfort you during your time of grief.

Personal Attention to Detail - The documents prepared by funeral homes must be accurate.  They are relied upon by many professionals such as attorneys, courts, and insurance companies.  Our staff reviews all documents before submission to avoid errors.  You don't get a second chance in the funeral business if you are not detail oriented.

Appearance of the Deceased - Proper Embalming and Cosmetology is essential in the presentation of your loved one.  Joseph A Scarano is nationally known for his embalming skills.  Embalming is the art and  science of disinfection and preservation of the human body to restore a natural life-like appearance.  Sheila Scarano is a licensed facial specialist.  Her cosmetology skills put the final "touch" on your loved one's appearance when having an open casket viewing.  

Facilities - All of our locations are beautifully decorated, spacious, clean, and above all, provide the warmest welcome to you and your family during your time of need.  For your comfort and privacy, we do not schedule multiple services at the same time.  You will receive 100% of our attention and will have exclusive use of our facility.

Diversity - We welcome and proudly serve all faiths, cultures, and traditions.  At Joseph A Scarano Funeral Homes, all customs are observed and respected.

Price is Key - Although we know that one should not select a funeral home  based on cost alone, we strive to keep our prices affordable, honest and competitive at the highest quality.  

We at, Joseph A Scarano Funeral Homes, know how hard it is to loose a loved one.  Please allow us to serve you during this difficult time.  If in doing so, we have made your loss a little easier to bear, then we will be satisfied in knowing that we have lived up to our reputation.